Origami workshop at Stadtteilbibliothek Karow (Berlin-Pankow)

27 November 2022
15h – 18h

Free activity.

More than an origami workshop, we propose a space where you can come to learn and develop skills in paper folding. Participation is free as well as the time that everyone wants to dedicate to this activity. Stephanie (Bokx) and Aleksei (Maybachufer.art) will be there to accompany you with material, books and models on display.

image source: https://www.berlin.de/stadtbibliothek-pankow/bibliotheken/stadtteilbibliothek-karow/ (Ines Schulze)


Achillesstraße 77, 13125 Berlin

Tel.: (+49) 030 90295-6949

web: https://www.berlin.de/stadtbibliothek-pankow/bibliotheken/stadtteilbibliothek-karow/

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