Let’s do origami together!

If you want to learn origami with me (basic or intermediate) we can organize a workshop. I have collaborated with schools, nurseries, summer camps, civic centers, shops and I am open to new proposals.

  • number of hours: to be agreed
  • number of students: 1-35 students
  • age: 5-99 years
  • languages: spanish, catalan, english

We will work on handling paper to create different shapes and figures. The themes are diverse and fun such as flowers and animals.

Learning origami allows us to:

  • Develop dexterity, accuracy and manual precision, requiring attention and concentration in the elaboration of paper figures.
  • Create spaces for personal motivation to develop creativity and measure the degree of coordination between the real and the abstract.
  • Know the bases that will allow us to create our own models.
  • Strengthen self-esteem through the development of our own creations.
  • Provide moments of relaxation and distraction.