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Origami Workshops

My workshops are cozy and filled with fun, perfect for those who want to explore the world of origami in a relaxed atmosphere.

Chiyogami Collection

In this unique series, I have brought to life a variety of figures, from colourful macaws and swallowtail butterflies to delicate flowers, elephants and dragons; Each piece is a unique expression of the elegance of Chiyogami paper, a jewel of Japanese tradition.

Macaw parrot
Design: Manuel Sirgo

Swallowtail Butterfly
Design: Evi Binzinger

Design: Miguel de Unamuno

Design: Robert Neale

Design: Alejandro Pasqual Márquez

Design: Traditional

Lotus Flower
Design: Traditional

Exquisite Papers

Discover the magic hidden behind our carefully selected papers. Immerse yourself in the texture and nuances of Chiyogami and the durability of Carta Varese.

Visit Stephanie’s Store in Berlin

At Bokx you will find a wide selection of origami created by Aleksei Rivero and other artists, as well as a variety of quality papers for your own paper projects.

Hello! I’m Aleksei Rivero, an origami artist and collector.

On this website I invite you to discover my collection of origami figures and the papers I use to bring my creations to life; You’ll also find information about workshops, markets, and other events related to the art of paper.

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